Project 01 | Packaging | Bzar بزار


Bzar: Is a brand that celebrate the common culture in Qatar through spices, since most of locals and residents here eat food that are heavily based on spices. Bzar is a mix that is made especially for you to save more time in the kitchen having all your spices ready mixed. Also, it gives the unique Khaliji taste that will take any dish to a new level. It’s made for the fast-paced, modern family that have to juggle work with family time.

Direct, simple and effective. 

Project 01 | Packaging | Process

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Market Research 

When I first started this project, I went to the grocery store to look at local product that I would like to repackage. Milk was my first choice, however I changed my option when I saw how spices are packaged. Since we live in a culture that consumes spices on a daily basis I thought that it would be relevant to me and my interest.

Product design / concept 

I wanted to package spices for people at my age that are both locals and residents in Qatar. I was thinking since people nowadays are also really into the idea of meal preparation. And initially I was thinking about a package that would hold a lot in it and will take less space in storage. I was thinking of tin as my material, and I was thinking about something bright and colorful. 


I went online and started to search for packaging inspiration, I liked how some of the packaging had some fun and playful approach to it. As I was thinking about what style I would like to work with. I was at the same time thinking about the idea of sustainability, how something could be recyclable or up-cycled.

Material Research 

When I first suggested my ideas to both my classmates and professors, I thought about different ways to package spices other than plastic bags. I wanted stainless steal (tin) packaging to work with, but I couldn’t find them in stores in different sizes. Levi suggested to look at cheese packaging, and from their I was inspired to create my packaging form recycling cardboard roll. I found a very long one in campus, cut them into different hight at the wood-shop, went and cutout lids to seal the top and the bottom. Which was a tricky phase for me.

After that we were asked to work with type. At this point I realized that my packaging that I worked and spent all my time with is not doable with type. Especially that I wanted to include the Majbos recipe as steps into different packaging. I tried different solution to make it work, but it seems that I was working with the packaging more than the type. So, Danielle advised me to use a ready made package that i can hack and make it mine. I went with that advise because a. it will let me design a better type on packaging b. less time designing a package. I choose to work on a packaging that is made of cardboard (same idea) but also in a smaller scale and all in one package.


When it came down to type, I used many different typefaces both for Arabic and Latin. The challenge was to balance the different fonts in this small packaging, and try to keep both languages dominant. I was trying to apply everything i learned from type1, grids, alignment, size of text, thickness. 


When I was trying to find a brand name for my packaging I was brain storming different names such as (Spices and Recipe, Zaki, Bzar, Bhar) Since I was packaging mix of spices all in one container, I chose Bzar as my brand name because it is an arabic/local word for mix of spices. I thought that the name will resonate with people that live here, and will make it clear what is in the packaging it self.

Color Palette

I took measurement of my one in all package and started to experiment with different layout and color palettes. I thought I was solid when it comes to color palette, but I was wrong I kept changing my colors through out the project. Also, I planned to include some patterns and playful geometric shapes to symbolize every spice that was included. Turns out what I did was too abstract that it was hard for people to understand that it’s spices (that what my classmates said).


In term of layout, I was struggling on how to divide the surface that I was working on, since it was round and literally any side could be front or back. I didn’t know what to do, I started to research again since I changed my packaging concept. I though that might help me figure out thing that I am not quite sure about. After researching so many examples, I started to work on my layout and slowly I kept adjusting on it.


One thing that I learned that whatever you do will look different when you print it on paper and when you project it on a bigger screen. Throughout prototyping I was able to decide on so many thing such as type and colors. In term of colors originally I started with the color yellow, in my head the color was making sense with what I was packaging. But when I showed it to other they thought that yellow is not a good color to package food with, so I turned it to bright red. I didn’t like that as well, because it didn’t really mean anything, so I went with the color orange (represent what the spices inside looks like), but slightly brighter one than turmeric.


Photography was a real struggle for me, as well as my fellow classmates, the weather was gloomy and most of us wanted to use the day light of the sun. I wanted to photograph in a marble table and in a kitchen. However, the light in the kitchen is not so good, so I went back to studio photography.

Overall Experience 

Over all, this project was a real struggle for me. Trying to understand type in a three dimensional form was kind of hard to imagine at first. Also at the begining I didn’t understand why we are doing packaging in a typography class. But now, after so many trial and error I understand that type is not only meant to live in screens but it also exist almost everywhere. Seeing how type react with physical object is really interesting and beneficial lesson to learn and understand where is the environment that the type will live in.

It was interesting and extremely beneficial for us that we went through different phase in this project. From researching, to coming with a concept, and prototyping it and finally going through production. I liked how we get to work both on and off screen, making sure that we use almost everything that we know to produce this product.

Final Poster + Reflection


At the begining of the semester I was not really interested in type. I thought about it as calligraphy more than anything else. Through our four project i learned so many things.


We learned how to look closer, pay attention to details. I no longer see letters but instead i learned to look at them as shapes. I’ve learned that small details and differences that identifies the letters that we know. It was interesting at the begining how we had to play with two letters, it felt like we were trying to figure out the right puzzle pieces to make them connect. I learned that to design something we have to maintain a balanced relationship between the elements that we are using.


We learned about kerning and the relationship of one letter next to the other. I appreciated the space between them. We get to feel type as a 3D object or should i say O’live. Working with different materials while trying to be truthful to the typeface. I never knew that i could be so accurate about something like that.


We had to keep in mind were type lives in, considering alignments, our intentions and informed decisions. Keeping in mind that less is more and legibility comes first. How small changes like the font size, bold or regular could add another layer of meaning to our message that we want to deliver. It could identify our informed decisions, we don’t just do something  for the sake for looks good, that is considered as “gimmick”  and that what separate us from being a professional designers and the other designers.

It really rewarding when all of our small project combined into one final project. its like all the puzzles are all connected and now you get to see the bigger picture.

I felt that I personally changed, i feel more protective when it comes to type. I will be looking around and i will think that the rag is so ugly or done well. Other times i will catch myself feeling offended when i see a bad type especially when it comes to arabic type.

Learning about type added an new lens to my eyes and another layer of understanding. I was even more interested in type when it was mentioned that what separate graphic designers from the rest. I felt that type was one of those cool tool that you have but you never knew how to use it probably because you never read the instructions to see its magic. I felt that this course was the instruction and the tool is type while the magic is the knowledge that we gain through our experience with type.


It was satisfying having our classmates getting our concept without us explaining it, even though we had to provide some guides for them. I guess all of hard our work has been rewarded by their reactions from the experience that we provided to them.

If we get to do this again, we would have to be more organized and prepared. We would let the process goes slower.

Their is many things I learned through out this process of us working in a group. I had to understand that when it comes to a group project we cant divide the work equally, their is always this person that do more and the other do less. I really started to appreciate group work, i don’t think i would be able to this by myself

People have different characters, strengths and weakness. Their is nothing you can do about it, we have to adapt to them and try to work out with the things that we have. We should try to emphasis someone strength more than its weakness. No one is perfect, but with a group project you get to minimize the errors and mistakes. We need to understand that everyone have different understanding and perspective. We should let go of judgements and be more open minded. I think the experience in this project is most important thing, both for our learning and for the sake of getting our ideas across.

I remembered at the begining of the semester when law told us that we don’t know how to communicate, but we assume we know. I totally agree with that, communication is hard. We need to be clear and straight to the point, i found it really hard to communicate directly with my group members. I learned that i am an indirect communicator. I am more patient then I thought i am. I also found out that i am good at hiding my emotions, which sometimes makes people confused. I also learned that i completely separate my other issues to commit and respect the group time and work. I wont refuse to do something because i have other homework’s to do. I also, think i am more responsible than i thought i am. I wont agree to take a task unless i know i can do it 100% or if i get to do something that i don’t know i make sure that i ask for help. To me asking for help is not weakness, it’s more of learning and  sharing knowledge. I don’t like to promise to do something that i know that i am not capable of. I think that if i contributed more and took some risks things might change. When i was thinking about what i have done to the group, my work and effort seems invisible, deep down i felt that i am guilty because i know i can do better.

At the end, it was a wonderful experience if i get to do this again i will without hesitation. I learned so many things about myself and my team members. I am grateful for the time we spend together.


It’s the idea of happiness through others misfortune. The games should be unfair, we try to achieve that by having 2 groups (silver and gold) that have the advantage of having 2 guys in their team. While the one of them had gloves to make things easier for them. While the blue team is consist of 6 girls and the green team were only 5.  Also, by adding the idea of receiving prizes and giving them to the losers. We wanted the winning team to feel happy and the losing team feel sad because they lost. But when we asked them to give away their gifts, their feelings got messed up. The losing team felt happy, while the winning team felt down. But when they opened the gift box they felt like they were fooled by us, and the real winner was us the capitol. They were just a show for us, they were all made and felt the unfairness.

Final Stage

It’s finally Monday. We had to prepare our dresses makeup and get the space ready, i felt so much pressure because we are the first group to present. I also felt that their is nothing we can do it all depends on the participants if they will get our concept easily or not.

Our mini makeup station 

img_2879 img_2875

Everyone was staring at us while we put makeup on, it was awkward and uncomfortable at first, because i felt that me and makeup have a scared relationship and now it is exposed to the world. I told my team that i will start early because i am really slow when it comes to applying makeup. It was fun and extreme at the same time.

However, when we left the classroom to get dressed up everyone kept staring at us. I felt like i am an alien that landed on earth.

Meanwhile this was happening…

We went downstairs to make sure that everything is in place, in the process of walking i noticed someone snapping us and at first i was really embarrassed and i wanted to hide. From that experience I learned that i am a person that doesn’t like to be on the spot light or seek attention from everyone, i was doing fine when i was invisible. I didn’t feel like myself, I had to act in a different way to embrace the capitol character, I acted sassy toward my classmates. lol

It happened that we cant present first, because another team was having issues with facility. Therefor, we were 2nd to go. We had to run to open the mic and wear our heel and stand in our position. But when we arrived the interior people next to us were having a real exhibition next to us and we had to give them time. So we went third!!! we had to run again to prepare everything. The moral of what happened things didn’t went as we planned to. Even when we started our show, people lined up and started to take their cards. I was really nervous and focused on the people at the same time, I forgot that Ebi didn’t started yet.

When the game started I noticed that Faheem stood in front instead of the back, and i walked to tell him that he should be standing at the back. Little did i know is that i almost tripped down and fell, because while i was walking the game started and everyone was pulling the rob. I had to make it back to the capitol before anyone pushes me. When i came back the game was over, it went by really really fast. That was not what we expected and we had to announce the winner. I stand next to the prize making sure that the winning team read the card and wont open the prize, but instead giving it back to the losers. Everyone had mixed feelings and emotions, they were confused they think its unfair and they got fooled. When the professor asked them what did they experience, the told the things that we exactly want to deliver to them! I was happy that after all of this the got our concept.

Stage #3


This time Yeon came up to us with a different idea. She told us that she talked to people out of the graphic design department and how they understood our concept and what we are suggesting is clear or not. I truly appreciate the fact the she went out of her way to ask people about the project, but at the same time i was thinking why did she did this without informing us, we could’ve helped?  but then i sat down and thought that everyone have a different way to work, a different way of understanding and coming up with solutions i guess.  At this point of the project to me the concept was clear, i didn’t understand why she went back and asked people about it. that actually showed to me how much she give 100% to her work, which i truly admire. I guess Yeon is a person that you could look up to, even though she told us that she is not perfectionist but now i think its more about hard working part.

She mentioned that if we have two males in two groups (silver/gear and gold/diamond), its going to be clear to the other groups that something unfair is going on. I agreed with what she was saying, actually every time she come to us with slight changes to our concept I would agree on what she is say, not because i just follow up whatever she say. It’s because she always have a point and i can tell that she had some inform decisions on behalf of us, but she still ask for our opinion. I don’t know how she do it, but it doesn’t bothers me, i rather have a group member that do an extra work rather than being late and not doing anything. At one point i felt that she kept doing all the thinking and the decisions on our behalves, that made me feel that i am not doing enough of work.

Group discussion 

We had to come on another Saturday to work, we had to

  • Stick our vinyl and make sure that our measurement is correct
  • Print the cards
  • Wrap the gifts
  • Check on music


I came to uni at 9:40 and we were suppose to meet at 9:30, when i arrived to uni it was only me and Yeon. So, we went to room 284 to cut vinyl for our center shape that changed from a circle into a polygon. Because, it’s really hard to cut a big circle perfectly, secondly we thought polygon is a better solution than the square. We decided on 12 sided polygon, and started to cut lines. After a while Maha joined us and then we started working on the cards. Not surprisingly, that process of cutting, printing and sticking took a longer time than it suppose to be.

After all of that, we went down stairs carrying the rob and the bag of bread and water and the gift box. We met Ebi down stairs, she was late because of personal reasons. Yeon tried to explain to her what she suggested to us earlier, that we should cancel the idea of gloves and have two boys in one team. Ebi all of a sudden got really annoyed at her and told her why she keep changing the concept every time we have a meeting, I got really frustrated by her attitude i felt it was unprofessional and amateur.

Yeon tried to explain to her that is not the point, I told Ebi that what Yeon is suggesting is only slight changes why would you disagree with her? if you have a valid point please explain. She said that we cant get rid of the gloves because its add to our concept visually, and that as Law and Leland said we should treat our classmates as if they were dump people.

I get what she is saying, she have a point but before we end up with another long discussion Yeon suggested that we vote to what we think is a better solution. 3 out of 4 agreed with what Yeon was saying. Even though the general voice chose to remove the gloves, Ebi started to force her opinion on us and then started to argue with us. I got really annoyed at her when she said “you guys do whatever you want” we tried to explain to her that their is nothing like “do whatever you want” we are a team and we should work/vote like one. To end this, we decided that we are going to do both ideas and get back to work.

I get really annoyed when Ebi start to pick up arguments and make a huge deal of something. I think she does that whenever she is nervous or want to participate in a group discussions ? i don’t mind her opposing to one of our ideas, it’s the idea that we have to waste our time having non effective conversations that bothers me the most. As if we have enough time in our hands to waste.


img_5927 img_5818 img_5817 img_5814 img_5809 img_2788

We lay down the rob on the floor, we knew that we need to retie the knots and cut the rob to make it shorter.We went back and started to cut vinyl lines for our middle shape, when we went down stairs to stick it to the floor it was confusing to do so. At first, we eye measured the distance, but whenever we try to fix one side the other side look weird. After along time of trying and trying to fix the shape, i suggested that we could use thread to measure the distance between two lines, and we did so. It was clear to  us that one side was shorter than the other.  We did that first, and then we laid down our big vinyl shapes and stick them to the floor. Which is not easy as it sounds like.


After that, we started to pack the goodie bags. In the process of filling each bag with bread and water bottle, we found out that we have two missing bags because Ebi miscalculated the numbers.

Then we went back, to the rob because we almost forgot to tie the rice bag in the middle.

And then we went upstairs to cut a shape to indicate the middle point. We agreed that it’s going to be a circle. Me and Yeon went to room 284, and she went to get some vinyl paper and i got her some scissors and a circler shape as a guid. At that point, I realized that we help each other even on the smallest things, I was thankful for that because she didn’t complain about it. Unlike other people who keep pushing away your help and keep saying that they will do it themselves.

We sat down after sticking everything to the floor, we asked Ebi to play her music list for us. But it turned out that she didn’t searched for any, even though she was really hyped about it at the begining and wouldn’t let anyone else do it. So, we all sat down searched for music.


After all of that we started to practice what we are suppose to say and do. All of us thought that Ebi could be a great host to the game, Yeon will be the person in charge of the music. I will be standing next to the two balls and lead people to their groups. While Maha will stand next to the line making sure that everyone enters one by one.


 img_6026 img_6027

During the weekend everyone must be find a dress to wear and practice makeup. That part was the most fun part, because we can get as crazy as much as we want. Personally I was really looking forward to this. I shared these pictures into the group, and eventually everyone started to show what they are going to wear.

On Sunday we shouldn’t have so much work left to do, we should only set up the space. Me, Maha and Yeon went downstairs and started to push the chairs around. All of us were working together really well, but when Ebi came she wanted to help. We told her that we can push them together, she was like i’m fine i will do it myself. That attitude was bothering to me, why you want to do everything yourself when this whole project is a group project? and its impossible to push a heavy chair all by herself. I think everyone felt that way.

smaller_3We went back to refill the goodie bags with bread and bottles again, and then Ebi tide this cute bow.



After that Me and Yeon went to the facilities to ask them if they can provide us with two tables and line bands that indicate that people should stand in line. Turned out that facility don’t have them so we decided to cut vinyl. We cut out letters by hand because we didn’t know how to use the vinyl machine 😦

We also figure out that we need table cloth because the tables that they provided to us were dirty.

img_6028 img_6029

it was a last minutes thing that we need to have, we debated in what to chose the turquoise or the red one.