The last week came by and I was so nervous that I cant put anything together. I was talking to my classmate Maha Alsulaiti about how I cant come up with any video idea that actually works. She suggested that I look into Hong Kong footage that we both have and I actually started to work on that idea to see how it will go. So, I was looking throughout my phone and collecting videos that I have. Then I choose to put some of the Hong Kong field trip footage in premier and started to edit them. Then when I was editing the video I was inspired to title it as “Vague as Voyage” because it represents my first journey with my friends. Which was actually inspired by Sara Alafifi, she was describing something about her project and said (Vague as Voyage) and I really liked it. It expressed a lot of my feelings in few words. So, I asked her to use it as a title for my project and she was happy to do so.

Vague as Voyage is a journey based on my perspective. The narrative is obscure representing my unique journey, feelings, and experiences. Since the video captures moments as a memory I found that it would be appropriate to make the video black and white, it adds a bit of an artistic touch to it. I also add my favorite music by Sufjan Stevens “No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross” piano version it’s my all-time favorite song by him and by adding that i felt like adding a personal touch to my video.

I really enjoyed putting the video together it was part of a memory that I wanted to preserve through other forms and visuals. I also feel like this video speaks a lot about me as a person and you can see what I focus on. Its a story about a journey that I am not sure what is the next thing will happen, just like a voyage.


(a couple of screenshot of how much footage I actually have, all of them were taken using my iphone X camera.)





Although this project had its highs and its downs at the end I am really proud of I ended up with. I actually never thought that that footage will see the light or be a part of a project. Now, I feel like what I do in my spare time could be what I actually want to do in my project and that they don’t have to be two different things. This is the greater lesson I learned from this project.



So I was really sad that my ideas are not working and decided to just binge watch youtube videos instead. And I was watching Vsause youtube channel and this video specifically  In this video they mention this website called The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows it was really interesting. It is a web series that defines newly invented words for strangely powerful emotions. Written, edited, and narrated by John Koenig.

I was really intrigued by this specific word

Nodus Tollens 

n. the realization that the plot of your life doesn’t make sense to you anymore—that although you thought you were following the arc of the story, you keep finding yourself immersed in passages you don’t understand, that don’t even seem to belong in the same genre—which requires you to go back and reread the chapters you had originally skimmed to get to the good parts, only to learn that all along you were supposed to choose your own adventure.

I found this piece of writing that talks about Nodus Tollens in a more poetic way.

Your life is a story. The days flip past, too quickly to absorb, a mess of seemingly random events. So you look back and highlight certain moments as important, as turning points in the main plot. You trace each thread back to its origin, finding omens and ironies scattered along the way until it all feels inevitable, and your life makes sense. You know how this story is going to end, but you’re still eager to skip ahead, dying to know what happens next.

But there are times when you look up and realize that the plot of your life doesn’t make sense to you anymore. You thought you were following the arc of the story, but you keep finding yourself immersed in passages you don’t understand. Either everything seems important or nothing does. It’s a tangled mess of moments that don’t even seem to belong in the same genre, that keeping changing depending on what you choose to highlight.

What kind of story is this?

MY PLAN was 

Technique: to scan book/text and animate using highlights


  1. find a book
  2. scan book
  3. highlight the book
  4. make it a gif
  5. make a video
  6. add music
  7. add sound

Experiments: (1) 2.gif (2).gif

so after I experimented with the technique I realized a lot of things.

  1. stop motion takes ages to create
  2. scanning to create stop-motion take double the time.
  3. I ended spending 3 hours non stop to create this very simple animation that only last 2 seconds
  4. if 2 seconds takes 3hours then 30seconds will take 45hours non-stop which is crazy

This makes me realized that this project is kinda impossible for me to create during a 3-week project. So, I changed my idea again!!!

Here is a video process of me trying different ideas afterward.



We were first introduced to this project as an interstitial video that will be part of Tasmeem and it will be a 30second long. At first, we were advised to look into MTV interstitial and list of experimental artist and videographers. However, I was not really into those type of videos. So I wrote down a list of what I am interested in.

The List:

  1. Gifs
  2. Destroyed Doha building
  4. Google maps
  5. music video with the gang
  6. no and a thousand no
  7. animated traditional story (Hadeed hadeedo)
  8. random conversations
  9. technology talks (2 phones talking to each other)
  10. edge of arabia
  11. mashrabya art  
  12. founded stuff
  13. collections
  14. animated carpets in a museum
  15. Camouflage/ personal portrait
  16. Mars
  17. cultural objects

At first, I was really into the Gif idea and wanted to collaborate with other classmates to do a completion of gifs. However, that didn’t work so well because the options were really open and somehow everyone video will look different. So, there is no point doing it together.

Then I thought about doing a completion of “no’s” where I went out and took videos of girls in abaya saying no. Which was heavily inspired by a ted talk. My intention was to fill a 100 people saying no. However, after creating the first draft of this idea I didn’t feel that the idea is going to places. And another thing that it felt too straightforward and you actually don’t know why these girls are saying no. Still way to open-ended and anyone can implement any kind of idea into it. Which is a thing that i am not comfortable with neither that I wanted to come across as a strong feminist or a political person? So I changed my idea.

Zine | Week 03

The Plan:



Audience: People who are interested in conceptual topics and like conceptual art. Specifically, any person who is interested in the nature of “time” and want to explore the topic through artworks and different artist.


Change type treatment for:

  • Side articles:  sentences cutout and stacked
  • Main article: a box of text placed in the corner
  • Titles are always on the side

images as a background/example / showing the artwork


  • cross over images: for more general topics
  • two different images for each spread: for more specific points


The Process:

I started to plan my zine and how I want it to look like at first I sketched it all in one paper and then folded downIan a4 spread and started to visualize the scale of the text and the images. I felt a little bit unorganized so I created a grid for myself and printed it and start to resketch my ideas of placement on it. However, I felt that it’s too rigid of a system and I didn’t like it and decided to go with an organic grid. I tried cutting out images and sticking them with a colored tape will look more of a handmade touch, but then I didn’t like the feeling and the contrast of the images and the background. Which then led me to always have an image as a background in all of my spreads. That gave so much life to my zine, I was happy about it. I also tried to distinguish different voices in my zine, therefore, some of the text boxes are sentences and some of them are paragraphs. My title treatment was to have the title in one place all the time, I explored a couple of ways to have them. The cover is a scan of a scarf that I actually designed inspired by On Kawara.

The Outcome:

I really did struggle in this project, it was hard for me to grasp the idea of creating a zine. Because of it mostly handmade and way back in the day. However, that made me think about how people used to layout their design and decide with there hands, it is actually an easier process to decide on sizes but the tricky part was managing to have white space.  It was so much fun to have the freedom to shift spreads and organizing, however, I want them to be.

Creating the original master was the hardest part to put together, but when scanning the spread and see all the handmade detail that I add was so much worth it. it adds a more of human touch to it. It shows that it was designed by a human, not a machine. But when creating multiple copies the colors start to fade a bit and things started to flatten.



Zine | Week 02


Through the process of creating the first sketch, I was listening to a podcast that talks about time I actually found it amazing how much there is more for me to educate myself about what time actually is. It gave me a new perspective and new way to understand what the nature of time.


Focusing on On Kawaras work I found it fascinating how much he documented and kept a record of his life, yet we know so little about him.

I tried to mimic On Kawara date painting visual language across my zine. Having my text always framed either in white or black.  I also was thinking about how to create different voices throughout my zine. Right now there is not so much of hierarchy in my text but there is in my images.


    • Make sure that the type does not come near the center of the zine
    • Crafts is important! And paying attention to details. The way you stick or lay down your stuff into the zine you should consider all of this.
    • Make things consistent
    • We are taking “the longer way” to get more experience, to free ourselves from the computers and to stop and actually make all the small decisions ourselves.

Zine | Week 01


  1. Existentialism > art + philosophy : Dates / Minimalism /Typography /Muji (design wise) / Subtle / CONCEPTUAL /(On Kawara approach) i went / i met / i read
  2. Objectifying Feelings / Stress (?): Through doodles/ Collages
  3. A collection of generative design: humans + machines/decision making

After that, I had to make a decision. I really want to give the first one a shot but I’m afraid that it might come across as boring and basic since it is categorized under conceptual art and philosophy.



On Kawara Research:

Youtube Videos:



I decided to go with On Kawara idea, however, through the meeting with Leland we came to the realization that my idea is not really about On Kawara art. It more speaks to the idea of Timetherefore, my zine is not explicit about On Kawara himself but more about how people represent and experience Time. And my zine could be a part of a series that talks about a new artist in every issue.


Kinetic Type Reflection

Overall, it was an intense experience because I get to use tools that I’m not comfortable with and I had to make them work. I had bigger ambitions for this project but sometimes its good to keep it realistic. It didn’t go as I planned to, but this was a good learning process. Although I don’t have the most amazing design, at least I can walk away with a better understanding of After Effects as a tool. A better appreciation for voice actors and people who create animation videos.

I think the real struggle here was imaging type that we always have known to be static for a very long time to act as a something that is alive. Kinetic type is interesting, made me think about type in a new way. Because I always believed that type is supposed to be pleasing to look at and not of an attention seeker. That made think about the role of type and technology which is a thing that surprisingly never thought about. All in all, it was a good learning experience I learned a lot and I sometimes hated it and sometimes enjoyed it.